Silk + Smoke: News on Issue 2

With a small voluntary team and limited time and resources to work on the magazine, we took a break after our Halloween competition last year. For our lack of clarity and communication over our hiatus, we can only apologise and thank all our writers and readers for their patience while we regrouped and got our website back up and running.

Now that we’re all in lockdown and having fever dreams that make for excellent creative writing inspiration, it seemed like the perfect time to open submissions for Silk + Smoke Issue 2.

This time around, we are particularly looking for rich literary fiction, nature writing, folklore and fantasy. But don’t worry, we still welcome all weird and wonderful submissions of short fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. You can find out more on our submissions page.

Submissions open on Monday, April 27th and will close on Sunday, May 31st 2020.

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